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Side options: Mac n Cheese, Green Beans or French Fries


Once you see the confirmation or successful order message you will know that we got your order. Due to recent events our order policies have changed and you are no longer able to order without upfront payment. This is how we will guarantee that orders are not sent separately from payments and are immediately received and confirmed. If you choose to type in items but not add the quanity or "additions to order" these items will not be included as they were not paid for. If you have any questions or need any help ordering please do not hesistate to reach out to us and we would be glad to assist you!


Please note that our items are all NON-REFUNDABLE  however, we are happy to correct any errors that may be result of a BETTER TASTE defective product. In the unlikely event this occurs please contact us and let us replace the item for you!

All orders attempted to be placed via text, or messenger will be denied.  If you order and fail to pick up your order it will not be refunded nor will you receive a credit. After 2 times of failure to pick up orders, you will will be subject to wait a 3 month period before you are able to order again.

​Deliveries can be made for orders over $30 and there is a $10 delivery fee associated as well. You may add delivery to your order however it will be changed to a pickup order if the order does not meet the $30 criteria.


Please select a pick up time and be as prompt as possible. Order Pick Ups STRICTLY end at the end time listed each for each sale on the Menu or Menu Post (via social media). If there is something wrong with your order please message us immediately for us to fix the situation.


Please alert us of any allergies and understand that we are not responsible for any reactions, results or misuse. 

Fried Rib Plate - DECEMBER 9TH

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